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Christopher Lewis

Known as the meatbag, the roommate, or simply douchebag, Christopher is the man behind the puppets. Born in 1979 Christopher was adopted and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma by a loving couple. His father is a now retired businessman. His mother is a teacher. Christopher started his journey with his puppets when a friend of his on a live stream caught him using the old Walter Vickers in her live as a joke and convinced him to make an account for the puppets. Once done, even Christopher didn’t realize the potential he had for bringing people joy and laughter and the impacts he would have on many of his viewers over time.


Walter Vickers

Walter Vickers is the puppet for the ladies. The original Walter was bought for the uncle of Christopher in 1954. He was a Paul Winchell’s Knucklehead originally. Transplanted to Tulsa in 1989, he was placed on a chair in a library and was barely touched until 2010 when he was again moved to Christopher’s house. There he sat virtually unused until May of 2018 when Christopher started using him on live streams to great popularity. In Mid-August of 2018 the old puppet was cracked and a weekend long telethon was done to raise money to replace him. Successfully enough money was raised and the old Walter was retired and replaced with a newer, older gentleman puppet that is still just as popular as when he was the old ventriloquist dummy in his early years.



Pat Peckingpaw

Pat Peckingpaw is the star of the show, or at least he wants to be at all times. Pat was the first fully viewer funded puppet. He was purchased May 28th 2018 by one of the first avid viewers of the original Walter Vickers show. Flamboyant and funny he is wise cracking and loveable to many whom stumbled upon him in the live streams originally. He loves a good techno beat and will dance the night away. Known for his funny laugh and cutting retorts he’s one of many people’s favorite puppets.



Twinkle is the more underused of the puppets at Pat’s Playhouse. Viewer funded as all the others he is the quintessential southern gentleman. He says he hails from Abilene Texas, but, who’s to say? He has the southern charm and the unwillingness to curse in front of women, thinking that in this day in age the old ways may seem antiquated, but, should be upheld nonetheless. He loves J-Metal and his favorite band is BabyMetal. You can find him head-banging away to his music or being his sweet charming self in Pat’s Playhouse.



Hans Ben Dober

Hailing from Schwetzingen in Germany, Hans is the boyfriend of Pat Peckingpaw and the most eccentric of the puppets. He loves his boyfriend and the wonderful white asparagus that his town in known for around the world. He is bipolar and will fly off at the handle if provoked as well as be the sweetest boyfriend to the star of our show. At only eighteen Hans is well traveled and his musical tastes are known to be varied more than any of the other puppets. Hans is a wonderful new addition to the puppet crew, and, like all the others he is fully funded by his viewers.


Chef Ram-She

From Donegal Ireland, Ram-She is a world traveled chef and very knowledgeable in the culinary arts. His talents are only overshadowed by his short temper in the kitchen. In everyday life he can be the sweetest puppet of the ever growing troupe of miscreants, yet, when in his natural element of the kitchen he can turn into a vicious tyrant. Rarely seen or heard from and like most chefs, he prefers to be behind the scenes and only comes out when summoned or needed. This chef is like most chefs, someone that expects perfection in the kitchen and in his life. As time goes on and he becomes more comfortable, people will see his personality and cooking skills come out, possibly in some YouTube specials with guests.



From the dawn of time before man comes our most hated puppet ever. Known as Most Unclean, Little Horn, Beelzebub, Lucifer, and many others, he is the main evil in this world. Fallen from on High because of his hatred and disbelief in man’s worth he argued with God Himself to be thrown out and prefers to rule in hell than be subjugated to a ruler the would let barely evolved primates being more important than he and his fellow angels. Now he takes over Pat’s Playhouse from time to time to make people unhappy and toy with their emotions. He likes nothing more than to rant about everyone’s sins and how delightful it is to torture and make the souls of the suffering pay for being human and fallible.  Don’t let his semi cute looks and calm demeanor fool you, behind it all he is trying to change your heart and make your soul his to torture for all time.